Diplomatic Plate Automobiles Customs Clearance (CD Plate CC Plate)

The Diplomatic Plate (Green CD Plate) Customs clearance transactions of the Embassy Service Vehicles and vehicles which are owned by the Foreign Diplomats who are commissioned in the Embassy are concluded with a Form B (Statement) certificate that is issued by the Embassy and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The married diplomats can import two Tax Free Cars for the usage of himself / herself and his / her spouse.

Besides the Customs Clearance and License – Plate services of the Diplomatic Green Plate vehicles, also the sale from the foreign sellers to the foreign purchasers, closure of the traffic registrations and exportation to the abroad are included in the service list of our company. You can prefer our company instead of the embassy personnel for these services. Our company offers the highest quality service at the most economic prices. You cannot find the easiness and comfort of making business with us at another source. Because the Customs Clearance of Tax Free Cars is our job.

Customs Clearance Transaction of the Service Vehicles
Automobile Import / Export of the Diplomats
Vehicle Inspection
Green Plate Transactions
Disassociation Transactions

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